Monday, October 31, 2011

What's the Motivation for All of the Sudden Sexual Allegations Against Herman Cain?

Unless you've been in a come for the last twenty four to forty eight hours, you've heard something of the allegations of a sexual nature against Herman Cain. Now, one might expect it is simply the product of being a front runner. One of Cain's opponents is afraid of him rising in the polls and takes a preemptive swing at the front runner in order to drag him down. But, I think there might be something else in play.

Most Democrats have become disenchanted with Barack Obama. They long for the days of Bill Clinton in the White House. Maybe this is a concerted effort to make Cain look more like Clinton?
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Maybe a Karl Rove/James Carvillesque campaign strategist figured that the Hermanator would appeal to Democrats more if he had a little more of Clinton's bad boy in him?

Obama is a lost cause. No one would ever believe that he would cheat on Michelle! Not if he knows what's good for him! Michelle's got him by at least twenty pounds, and with those "well toned upper arms" everyone's always talking about, she would beat him within an inch of his life! Besides, not only does she have his "family jewels" locked away in her jewelry box, but she has the look and the reputation of someone you do not want to cross!

Obama might ogle the girls' butts, but Herman is the one with the twinkle in his eye who doesn't need a teleprompter to chat up the ladies. And Mitt?? Mitt wouldn't even cheat on his taxes! Yeah. I'm thinking it's Bad Boy Herman Cain they're marketing in 2012.

"Longing for the days of Bill Clinton? I've got your Bill Clinton right here!"

Mr. Cain: I am available to write your campaign copy for you. But don't wait too long! The Huntsman campaign is in need of some sweet, sweet scandal. Or some NO-DOZ®...

(Author now removes tongue that was firmly planted in cheek.)


  1. That's a novel thought, even tho satire. Personally I think one of Cain's primary opponents linked the story in hopes of deflating his baloon.

    Off topic, I recently installed the revolving globe widget on Guns and Bikinis, but it doesn't have all the features of yours. Maybe its just the free version. Works great however, and getting a few red spots on it already.

  2. Ron: I thought anyone could figure out it was a hit on Cain. It takes a real genius to figure out it was a resume enhancer!

    Not sure what the revolver map features might be different. I think I just downloaded whatever what off the shelf.

    I'm in a hotel tonight, so I should be able to ping you with a red dot from someplace I'm not!


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