Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Linkaround

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Cartoon of the Day – NRO Home page

Aspects of Gingrich divorce story distorted

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Stay At $700-a-Night Luxury Hotel… because some protesters are obviously more equal than others

Obama Endorsed #OWS Hypocrites: Chillin in $700-a-night hotel

Man Choked, Hit with Hammer for Waking Up Occupy Maine at 7AM

More Green Hypocrisy

Four Cabbies in Paris

Walmart Remembers Our Troops

How to Reform Primary Education

UC Davis Students AGREED to Be Pepper Sprayed Before Incident (Video)

Obama’s Economic Quackery
–Victor Davis Hanson

Politics and Pepper Spray

#OccupyFail: A Profile in Bad Choices

Tony Rezko Sentenced to Over 10 Years in Prison - in a related story, Obama wasn’t

Romney’s First 2012 Political Ad Has the Left Crying Foul

Democrat says Democratic Party bosses use voter fraud [VIDEO]

How to make a bad thing worse

And Then The Warmists Came For YOUR A/C And Fridge

Rule of Law

The Little Red Hen, retold for the Age of Occupy

Man Buys 15 Tuna Permits, Catches Tuna, Feds Seize Fish

Wind Farm Graveyards

It’s Official: Dollar Coin Makes No Sense

“They don’t call them patients, they call them units”

If You Assume That the Stimulus Created Jobs, Then It's a Safe Bet You'll Find That the Stimulus Created Jobs

Incredible 10-Year-Old Mexican Singer Rocks the World With Music Video


Obama Hits The Golf Course For The 88th Time…

#OccupyWalMart Protesters Occupy Handcuffs On #OccupyBlackFriday – the feel good story of the week!

CO2 may not warm the planet as much as thought

Rule Five Roundup

American Perspective – Top 20 Most Beautiful Women

Blonde with rifle

Camp of the Saints - Rule Five Saturday, Hump Day Rule Five

Classic Liberal – Rule 5

Comic Nut - Sunday Night

The Daley Gator – Daley Babes : Random babes, Leilani Dowding

Dustbury – Zooeypalooza

Eye of Polyphemus – Jessica Alba, Shelley Hennig, Michelle Williams

The Feral Irishman - Sexy Redheads

Friday Night Babe – Dagmar Midcap

Hookers and Booze - Thankful

I Own the World – Class Things Up With a Little Education

Jake Finnegan – Stacy Keibler

Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World - Friday Pin up

Pirates Cove - Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup, Truck, If All You See…, If All You See…

Jennifer Aniston

POH Diaries -Rule 5: Alicia Silverstone

Randy’s Roundtable – Midweek Break, Thursday Nite Tart, Dallas Cheerleader

Reaganite Republican – Miss Venezuela

Sex in Advertising - Russian voter babe (video)

Support your local Gunfighter – Anna Kournikova

Teresamerica – Rule 5 – Natalie Wood

The Last Tradition - Laura Whitmore

Theo Spark –Bedtime Toddy , Bonus Babe, Bedtime Toddy, Bedtime Toddy

The Other McCain- Rule 5 Monday

Vintage Babe of the Week – Natalie Wood

Rule 5 Woodsterman Style : I love blondes

TSA Gives You a Lift

"Israeli Women Nude"...

Obligatory Niner Cheerleader

Courtney Love Wardrobe Malfunction

*By no means comprehensive.

Use the comments as an open thread on any of these topics. If you feel that I’ve neglected a link, news, commentary, humor or Rule Fivage, send a link to the contact email on the sidebar at Proof Positive. (All spambots must die!)

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  1. I have a proof-inspired post over at my place, about the dangers of going beyond the bounds of Rule 5.

    You're such an inspiration, Proof...

  2. Odie, Randy: You boys are as welcome as honey on a biscuit!

    SF: I'll meander over there and see if that was meant as a compliment or not!

  3. BTW, SF: Feel free to post the link for stuff like that. Nothing wrong with a little link whoring every now and then!

  4. Silverfiddle's article can be found here:

  5. Double check your URLs. I'm getting a ton of busted links.

  6. ed: Rats! I found one. I'll go back and see if Blogger screwed me again.

  7. Thanks, ed! I think this post broke the record for busted links. I think I got 'em all.

  8. After I said I thought I found 'em all, I ran a search and found four or five more. It's funny, but I cross post this over on a Word Press platform and I didn't find any funky links over there at all.


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