Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Race, to Starbucks, Pt. II

Our friends at Starbucks want to start a new dialogue on race.

Barrista: "Would you like a shot of espresso?

Me: "Hands up, no shot!"


  1. Starbucks coffee tastes like shit and it's wildly overpriced. That aside, w2hat qualifies some teenager behind the counter to "engage" anyone in a conversation about anything?

  2. They used to have an iced drink that I liked one summer a while back. And since I liked it, they naturally discontinued it!

    Yeah. The idea of talking about race to the kid who pumps your coffee, would be like talking to the guy behind the counter at Burger King about the merits of a monarchy.

  3. It's not like that. It IS that. The only difference is Starbucks (through it's own arrogant sanctimony) considers itself "better" at these sorts of things than lowly Burger King. More worthy of being a part of the political landscape...because coffee.

    Imagine if Home Depot heaped such a giant insult on its customers.

  4. Home Depot. I like that! Imagine if the clerk checking you out wrote something across the 2x4 you were buying to start a conversation about the social engineering aspects of mortgage deductions on your income tax. #TaxTogether ?

  5. Or even better, make it about the patriarchy and the only reason you came in here to buy a 2x4 was to make a phallic statement that demeans women whether you realize it or not. #Non-Rape Is Rape

  6. Just trying to think like a good liberal!


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