Thursday, May 22, 2008

Obama Delegate on Syrian TV

James Yee, the Army chaplain who was accused of spying at Guantanamo, but has been subsequently cleared, has gone on TV in Syria, giving credence to unsubstantiated rumors of Koran desecration and other things he only knew of through hearsay from incarcerated terrorists. Partial transcript follows:

Interviewer: How was religion being used against those prisoners [in Guantanamo Bay]?

Yee: Great question. One, we've all heard how the Koran has been desecrated down in Guantanamo and as Koran, the holy Koran - the words which Muslims all over the world consider the literal words of God – was being desecrated in Guantanamo in many different ways.

Interviewer: It was thrown into toilets and whatever, that's what we read.

Yee: The initial report that was printed by Newsweek indicated that perhaps the Koran was thrown into a toilet by an interrogator. It was unfortunate, that Newsweek had to retract that story, but I talked firsthand with prisoners who were held in Camp X-Ray, which was the first prison camp of Guantanamo, very early on in 2002, and prisoners told me directly that the Korans that they had brought with them were tossed into buckets - buckets which were used as toilets in that makeshift camp. I myself…

Interviewer: So… Buckets basically of urine and feces, is that correct?

Yee: Right, right, exactly. This was before I got there and this was in Camp X-Ray, where, again, it was a quick makeshift prison, set up for the first prisoners who arrived there. When I got there, Camp Delta, which was a little more sturdy and each cell had its own toilet, was already built by the time I got to Guantanamo in late 2002. The Korans were thrown on the floor by guards when they conducted cell searches. It has been reported and I have learned now that interrogators also were throwing the Korans on the floor or stomping on it. This was happening when I was there, and this was an issue.

Interviewer: You actually saw this happening?

Yee: I didn't see it because I wasn't a part of the intelligence operation, but I was aware directly from the prisoners...
The guy is a POS weasel. It takes a strong stomach to listen to this guy spew his anti-American crap. But, if you want to hear it from his own weaselly lips, you can hear it here.

Oh, and did I mention that James Yee is an Obama supporter? He’s one of Obama’s delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

Hat tip to James Taranto’s Best of the Web Today


  1. Reason number 158 not to vote for B. Hussein Obama. :)

  2. An "in" joke! Check out Lady Cincinnatus' blog to see the context!


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