Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oil Drillers Have 99.999% Safety Record

John Lott points to an interesting statistic in a WSJ story:

Since 1975, drilling in the Exclusive Economic Zone (within 200 miles of the U.S. coast) has had a 99.999% safety record, according to the Energy Information Administration, which reports that "only .001 percent of the oil produced has been spilled."

Thanks to technological advances, large spills are rare. Most spills are tiny, only a few feet in diameter.

So you can see why Congress and the environmentalist wackos would have their undies in a bunch about drilling for any more with that kind of track record!

The number one source of oil polluting the oceans? Dry land runoff.

Runoff from cities, roads, industrial sites and garages deposits 363 million gallons into the sea, making runoff by far the single largest source of oil pollution in the oceans. "Every year oily road runoff from a city of 5 million could contain as much oil as one large tanker spill," notes the Smithsonian exhibit, "Ocean Planet."

Number two source of pollution? Routine maintenance on cargo and cruise ships.

Moral of this story? Drill Here. Drill Now.

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