Sunday, July 20, 2008

POS Olbermann Calls MoH Recipient a "Clown"

That's right! A third rate cable TV host with delusions of adequacy named Congressional Medal of Honor recipient "Bud" Day his "Worst Person in the World" and called him a "clown".

Some people might honor Col. Day for his service or his heroism in preserving the liberty of this country. Others might be tempted to cut the guy some slack: At 83 years of age, he probably did not express himself as succinctly as he could have. But, for the smarmy POS Olbermann to call him a racist and a clown is a new low even for this snotty, arrogant dweeb! Words fail me to express the contempt I hold for little Keith Olbermann. BTW, I don’t normally advocate such things, but here is an email address if you’d like to share your opinion of Keith with MSNBC: Hat tip Gateway Pundit Cross Posted at Say Anything

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