Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ex-Con James Traficant (D'OH) Contemplates Another Run at Congress

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CLEVELAND — Former Rep. James Traficant, who was recently released from prison after serving seven years for corruption, said Thursday that he is "proud of being an ex-con" and may try to return to Congress.

Traficant, a Democrat who was elected to nine terms from Youngstown before he was kicked out of the House, said he will circulate nominating petitions in three House districts. He didn't specify which, but the three districts closest to his hometown are all held by Democrats.

Why elect a guy who might turn out to be a crook, when you can elect one you know is for sure!

Traficant was released in September 2009 after serving seven years for racketeering, bribery, obstruction of justice and tax evasion.

In other words...cabinet material!

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  1. He's the best, a born entertainer... if the Youngstown mob wants him around, he's got as good a chance as anybody to win a seat out there...

  2. A golden oldie! I've kind of lost track of him since then. So many other crises in the last five years, Traficant is pretty small potatoes by comparison!


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