Thursday, December 17, 2009

Huffington Post Caught Hotlinking

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I defended Toby Keith from the Left in the past, in a piece called Huff Po Hackery, Part II , where some hack at the Puffington Host tried to smear Keith as a racist for his mention of hanging ne'er-do-wells in his song "Beer for my horses".

The Huff Po piece used a picture of blacks being lynched, to roil the emotions and show just how despicable Toby Keith truly what passes for a mind in Max Blumenthal. If you click on the link to my piece, you'll see that Tiny Pic, the service I used to host the picture removed it (probably as too offensive). I will not defend myself from using a picture that most people would find offensive, because I was demonstrating the depth to which the Left often sinks in trying to vilify its opponents. (Keith was seen as a supporter of the war in Iraq at the time)

It appears that Mr. Blumenthal and the Huff Po apparently "hotlinked" the picture they used. Hotlinking is a form of bandwidth theft, where you "borrow" the picture by linking to its location on someone else's site.

On of the problems of hotlinking, for the unwary, is that the person hosting the site from whence the picture originates, sometimes finds out about the theft and substitutes a different picture in place of the original, which then appears on the hotlinked sites. (see Rickrolling)

So, instead of a black and white picture, showing blacks being lynched, there is a full color picture of a clown, telling the Huff Po (and its readers we would presume), to "F" off!
Click on the link and see for yourself! Huffington Post
Too funny!

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  1. That is funny! HuffPo is not making money, hence the greater frequency of salacious articles with sexy pictures. I figure they'll be XXX by next November.

    BTW, TK has said he is a Democrat and then pretty much shut up about it after that. Lefty nutroots are so stupid...

  2. Yeah! The Left isn't quite sure what to do with Toby. They're not used to seeing a Democrat so openly patriotic who actually supports the troops


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