Friday, June 18, 2010

Fear and Loathing for BP Should not Negate Their Rights, Too

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by Conservative Generation, Left Coast Rebel

The left always seems to miss the forest for the trees. Case in point, today's scapegoat, British Petroleum. And it's not that I am a 'fan' of BP but it is a case of point that no matter how despised and loathed a corporation (or individual) is, we are still a nation of laws and not of men.

Like it or not, liberals - your philosopher-king cannot properly shakedown even the most hated company in the world.

Behold the far left which has become so single-minded and transfixed on that old Marxist dogma that “employers are evil” that infects them today with irrational fear of an impartial law. For in the minds of the absurd, they have compromised this sacred American ideal as a ransom to ascribe some Philosopher-King immeasurable authority to assert blame and judgment. They salivate at the thought of destroying BP and for what have they gained; a better America or a more powerful Philosopher-King?

It’s the law that protects serial killers from a mob hanging, it is the law that gives you the right to remain silent and it is the law that demands that you are innocent until proven guilty. The executive office is supposed to mirror that blind impartiality that we aspire to in law, not transform it, not own it, and certainly not wield it to go find “who’s ass to kick” whenever it is politically expedient.

An irreconcilable chasm divides advocates of liberty and collectivist-progressives. I agree with nearly everything that these 'pundits' say in this 'incendiary' Think Progress video, (especially Napolitano):

More from Napolitano via Humble Libertarian:


Last night (Obama) demanded billions from BP so his team could decide who gets it. Today a terrified BP gave him all the cash he could ask for. So the government, the government that foolishly limited BP's liability, the government that claimed it new best where to drill, the government that actually stopped locals from protecting their own shoreline - that would be the same government that has bankrupted Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Post Office and basically everything that it has managed. The last time the government had this much cash to give away, during the GM/Chrysler bankruptcies it disregarded well settled laws and gave it it's friends in the labor unions.

Exactly right!

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UPDATED: Last Tradition gets it right too (mild language alert). Move over, GOP leadership - if you can't stand up for the rule of law then make way for those that will!


  1. Napolitano rocks! I just posted one of his videos myself.
    NIce logo, btw, I like it! Heh.

  2. Indeed, the good judge is one of my heroes.I wonder who made the logo?

  3. "who made the logo?" Reminds me of those old Anna Maria Alberghetti salad dressing commercials! "Who made the salad?"

    This is the second time I've thought of AMA in the last couple of weeks. I guess I'll have to move her into the Vintage Babe roster.