Friday, June 18, 2010

Sharron Angle: Ten Buck Friday

by the Left Coast Rebel

Do you support Sharron Angle? I do and unequivocally state so in an official Left Coast Rebel endorsement here and now. I'm sure that you have heard of Sharron Angle, she won the GOP primary in the Silver State and will face off against 'Dingy' Harry Reid in November. Here's a little window into Sharron Angle's way of thinking from her 'issues' page:
As your U.S. Senator, Sharron Angle will introduce legislation in line with her economic policy of:

* Pay back the deficit
* Cut back on spending, taxation and regulation
* Take back the economy by defunding ObamaCare
* Auditing the "Fed" (Federal Reserve)
* Abolishing the 67,000-pages of IRS code
* Making the capital gains and death tax cuts permanent

Solid, Tea Party credentials. Sharron Angle strikes me as another Jan Brewer type conservative, one that will not back down from a tough fight. Also, the press/Harry Reid game of gamesmanship certainly warrants her credentials as a consistent conservative.

Perhaps by chance, Sharon Angle has also been nominated as the winner of this week's Ten Buck Friday event (Ten Buck Fridays explained here). As a proud supporter of the Ten Dollar cause, I now point you to Sharron Angle's donation page.

Could you put your money where you mouth is and donate $10 today as well?


  1. The Dimbulb from Searchlight is a blight on the body politic. I'm happy to contribute to sending his larcenous behind home.

  2. Me too, Proof. I think that Angle is a solid choice and worthy of support.

  3. Thanks a trillion for sharing the idea!

    Please let me know if you want to post the next poll on your blog, I can send you the script.

  4. Another great candidate - PATRICIA SULLIVAN, running for FLORIDA DIST 8 HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. A conservative Republican candidate with a passion for families and freedom, and the guarantees of the U.S. Constitution. She'll be a great asset in Congress! Check out her website: