Thursday, June 17, 2010

Janeane Garofalo: Obama + Prayer = Anti-Intellectual

by the Left Coast Rebel

Poor Obama. It seems he just can't get anything right, left or right these days. On this note, exhibit #349 today alone, whacko Janeane Garafolo picks on Dear Leader. Of all things for 'genius-intellectual' Janeane Garofalo to pick on poor Obama for, she chooses his 'prayer' from the BP/Oval Office speech recently:

Of course, leftists like Janeane Garofalo only object to a perceived Christian prayer and would not do so if it were Muslim, Hindu, hare krishna, or the all-encompassing leftist God - Gaia. Not to mention that all Presidents have done this throughout history and that it in no way acquiesces to 'anti-intellectualism' to do so.