Thursday, June 17, 2010

Southwest Airlines Discovers Human Head Shipment

by the Left Coast Rebel

This is such a strange story:

A Southwest Airlines employee called police after finding human heads in a package set to be transported to a Fort Worth medical research company, the airline said.


The heads were being transported to the Fort Worth office of Medtronic, a leading medical research and technology company based in Minnesota.

Medtronic spokesman Brian Henry said it is common to ship body parts for medical education and research, but he said it is rare for a shipment to be seized.

“We expect our suppliers to follow proper procedures,” he said.

Camper described the items as 40 to 60 human heads.

But Henry said they were “four full cranial specimens and 40 pairs of temporal bone ear blocks.”

He identified the supplier as JLS Consulting of Wynne, Ark.

JLS’s business license was revoked in December, according to the Arkansas Secretary of State’s online database.

When I first saw this story I thought that it had to do with narco-terrorism and Obama's 'friends' to the south. I also considered the Fatwa factor, too. Of course seeing how small of a thread at Memeorandum this story is commanding would cancel out that.

How would you like to have been the Southwest employee that made this bone-chilling discovery? It makes one's head spin to think of it.

Does anyone think that heads will roll over this incident?

Bonus: Name this movie and the ultimate demise of this actor, who is the protagonist in the movie:


  1. Didn't James Earl Jones play the antagonist, to Arnie's Conan?

    How will you ever get a head in the blogging business like that!

  2. This could be the sequel to "8 Heads in a Duffel Bag"!

  3. This is going to provide a lot of fun for me!
    1) I used to work for a division of Medtronic, it's on the other side of town from where I work now. I frequently run into friends and not so much friends from those days.

    2) The brother of the guy in the office next to mine is a pilot for either American or Delta based out of Dallas, wrong airline but since I'm getting old and forgetful I got a license to have fun with this!

  4. This could be the sequel to "8 Heads in a Duffel Bag"!

    Better yet, a sequel to "Air Heads"!