Monday, June 14, 2010

Viral: Far-Left House Ways and Means Committee Rep. Bob Etheridge Attacks Conservative Videographer

by the Left Coast Rebel

America - Meet Bob Etheridge.

And not just your everyday Rep. but one on the street - literally, physically, doing to a citizen-activist-journalist, aka 'Army of Davids' reporter, what the Obama administration's Chicago-thugs have been doing for a year and a half now.

Confused? Don't be.

Far-left 'Representative' Bob Etheride (D-NC2), after a "long day" (his words) of fleecing the people and wealth of the United States of America (my words) decided to take it out on someone that dared to ask a simple question:

Reaganite has the best analysis:

Bob Etheridge likes to play the hard-core leftist on The Hill... and he's influential, sitting on the House Ways and Means Committee. But for some reason this arrogant clown thinks it OK to get violent with an innocent reporter asking a question... and in the most polite fashion imaginable.

Read the rest at Reaganite.

Had enough of the far-left hooligans destroying this nation's wealth and future? This idiot, Bob Etheridge, has an opponent in the upcoming election.

Her name is Renee Elmers. Read all about, and donate to her here.


  1. Beatcha by six hours. I like your take on it, though.

  2. This certainly is a nice contribution to Elmers campaign by Etheridge!

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  4. RVB: Absolutely! If he had just muttered "No comment" and walked away, he might have looked like he had something to hide, but not answering the question and adding the physical assault and battery, really brings your qualifications to serve into question.