Monday, June 14, 2010

On Governing Against the Will of the People

...what better authority than...Jerry Brown?

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I heard one of Mister Brown's radio ads this AM.I didn't know it was his at first. It used the politically correct "person", as in which person is fiscally responsible or some such. I thought it must be a new ad for Meg Whitman. Imagine my surprise and my laugh out loud reaction to hear that they were touting Jerry Brown!

Excuse the narrative if you are familiar with Jerry "Governor Moonbeam" Brown, but back in the seventies, before his three abortive runs at the presidency (The thought of Brown as CinC is enough to give anybody the runs!), Jerry Brown was an expert at running against the will of the people.
Brown was governor when the now famous Prop 13 limiting property tax raises was enacted. Jerry fought tooth and nail against this until the day it was passed, and then, tried to co-opt it as if it had been his idea all along!

Over two thirds of the population of California were in favor of the death penalty and confirmed that with a propositional vote. Jerry appointed Rose Bird Chief Justice to the California Supreme Court- a justice who vehemently opposed the death penalty.

His chief of staff was Gray Davis, who would go on to become a governor famous for his "Play for Pay" style of governance, along with rotten energy deals that led to "brown outs" and eventually Gray-outs with a recall election that put Arnold Schwarzenegger into the governor's chair.

Brown has gone from Governor to State Atty. General, to Mayor of Oakland and now wants to be governor again. And I want to date a super model.

Governor "Moonbeam"? Sometimes you just can't always get what you want!

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  1. I remember Jerry Brown very well, what a nut job! You bring up some things I had forgotten or honestly never knew. If the dems in SC were dumb enough to vote for that idiot there for the Senate I suspect many in CA are lining up to support Mr Moonbeam!

  2. I honestly never thought that Brown would be re-elected to a second term as governor. He had already earned the nickname Moonbeam and was as flaky as they came, in addition to governing against the will of the people.
    It was the aftermath of that election that taught me that you could not always rely on people to vote in their own best self interest.