Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Columbia University President Lee Bollinger Advocates Taxpayer Support for Press

by the Left Coast Rebel

Today I found Columbia University President Lee Bollinger breaking new ground in several key areas of echo-chamber liberal-statist (over) educated fool credo.

Strike one - he advocates government sponsorship of the press and argues that doing so won't necessarily compromise the press. Fail - our nation has a free press precisely for protecting us from the government. How could a president of an elite university so lack reasoning skills as to even consider this?

Strike two - he advocates taxpayer sponsorhip of the press by comparing it to public funding for education. Fail - many universities across the nation feature absolutely no diversity of philosophy. Our public schools rank low versus other developed nations and the precipitous drop started with government bureaucratization. Is Columbia's Lee Bollinger advocating even further decline in the press? Only an entrenched, elitist-leftist would use America's public education system as a model for anything other than what shouldn't be.

Strike three - he waxes fondly over the BBC, China's state-sponsored press arms CCTV and Xinhua news and Qatar's Al Jazeera as fulfilling this new press 'third way.' Fail - why do elitist progressive-collectivists loathe free and open markets (like the press) and lust after communist or neo-communist regimes? Do you really think that Al Jazeera and Chinese media, along with the BBC are to be emulated?

Lee Bollinger, along with other over-educated fools, aptly call their brilliant new 'plan' for the press the newspeak-sounding 'enhanced public funding for journalism.'

And all of this Bolshevik, Orwellian nonsense is wrapped up in a tidy little Wall Street Journal opinion piece so you can read it, to believe it - for yourself.

Perhaps Lee Bollinger presides over Columbia (and the most presigious journalism school in the U.S.) and just knows what works. After all, his ilk created a marketable-messiah that graced the front pages of every newspaper/magazine in America. To hear his Orwellian-grovelling for taxpayer dough shouldn't surprise:


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  1. Just consider the news media as "taxpayer sponsored art"! Couldn't be any worse than what they're producing already!