Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Iroquois Passports Won't Cut Red Tape

About 00:33 into the tape: "Passports issued by the Iroquois Confederacy". Six words you don't hear used together every day!

NEW YORK — An American Indian lacrosse team will not be allowed entry into England for the world championship of the sport the Iroquois helped invent unless members accept U.S. or Canadian passports, the British government said Wednesday.

The Iroquois Nationals team won't be attending the tournament in Manchester unless the British government reverses its decision and allows them to use passports issued by the Iroquois Confederacy, said Tonya Gonnella Frichner, a lawyer for the team.

"They're telling us: 'Go get U.S. passports or Canadian passports,'" Frichner said Wednesday shortly after getting the news. "It's pretty devastating."

Imagine that! A group of people that live inside the United States required to have a US passport to travel to and from other countries! Who woulda thunk it?

...U.S. authorities had said the issue was a matter of border security rather than Iroquois sovereignty.

"For other countries, including the United States, that is not a travel document that is on par with a U.S. passport," Crowley said of the Iroquois documents. He noted that the Iroquois have had similar problems with their passports in foreign countries before.

How's that whole "nation within a nation" thing working out for you?

The Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse team illustrates that "liberty and equality for all" means different things to different people. IMHO, tribal sovereignty is a legal fiction that should be abolished and every American should be subject to the same laws and assimilated into the melting pot that is the United States.

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