Thursday, July 29, 2010

Protest in Bell, California - I Hope I Played a Small Part in This...

by the Left Coast Rebel

.......because I surely support what these residents of Bell, California are doing with every fiber of my being. I wonder if my little Daily Caller canary in the coal mine-post put (even a little more) pressure on these miscreants in the city government that are/were fleecing the residents of Bell, California:

Glenn Reynolds catches the money-line from the Reason video, "They are robbing the city blind...We have a very predatory government."

And although this is sure not a Tea Party gathering in Bell, California - I can tell you that the spirit of the Tea Party and that of freedom is there.

And thinking of this - God help us when the typical-Democrat constituencies wake up to the Obamanation and the abominations that he has forced upon our nation.

Will there be civic unrest? Or is the question - when?

Hat-tip Instapundit.

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