Friday, July 23, 2010

Rodeo Rider Opens Bar - Gets Bucked!

A classic good news and bad news story: Landmark tavern Valencia Club in Penryn California was reopened after being shuttered over a year.
Rodeo bull rider Travis Kevie cleaned up the place, started stocking beer and liquor and turned on the "Open" sign and started serving customers.

The bad news was, he not only didn't own the bar, he had no liquor license. He broke into the place, bought a six pack of beer and started selling it. He made about $400 over a three or four day period, which he reinvested into more inventory, before he was caught. Bail was set at $50,000. An econ major this guy is not! Maybe he has a place on the obama Economic team?

The good news was that a local paper the Auburn Journal ran a story about the bar's reopening.
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The bad news was, an Placer county detective saw his picture in the paper, recognized him from some earlier run ins and was highly dubious that this guy had the wherewithal to open a bar! He got "bucked" alright! If he makes bail, he hopes to ride a bull at the State Fair this weekend.

Stupidity or chutzpah? (Or both?) We report, you decide!

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