Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Soup Nazi" Back in Business

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Jerry Seinfeld loves a good joke. But he clearly made a life-long enemy when he based the Seinfeld TV show character the 'Soup Nazi' on real-life soup chef Al Yeganeh.

For 20 years Yeganeh, who calls himself The Original SoupMan, dished out soup with very strict rules: 'Pick the soup you want! Have your money ready! Move to the extreme left after ordering!' If you didn't stick to the rules it was 'no soup for you!'

But the chef didn't take kindly to being imitated on the worldwide hit TV show. Yeganeh banned Jerry Seinfeld from his soup stall in Midtown Manahattan in 1995 when the comedian's Soup Nazi character first aired on his TV show.

Fifteen minutes of fame on Seinfeld. Sigh.

Yesterday that soup stall, which was so popular people would queue for over an hour, was re-opened...Closed since 2004, Yeganeh shut down the 100 square-foot stall when he sold the rights to his business. But he still controls the brand. His famous concoctions include lobster bisque, mulligatawny, crab bisque and lentil.

So, New Yorkers, welcome Al and his tasty soups back to the culinary delights of the Big Apple. But, please...don't call him a "Nazi"!

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  1. "You come back ...One year!"

    To this day, that line kills me.