Thursday, August 19, 2010

Is Obama a Muslim?

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That seems to be the buzz around the water cooler these days. And strangely, the more people get to know him, the more they either think he is a Muslim or they're just not sure.

According to a recent Pew Research Center poll, nearly one-in-five Americans (18%) now say that Obama is a Muslim, while only 11% thought so in March 2009.

43% say that they don't know, compared to 34% in March of '09. And this poll was taken before Obama's pronouncement (and take back) on the Ground Zero mosque/ community center.

Why would anyone think that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim? Let's see... his father was a Muslim. That's enough for some people to consider him a Muslim by birth.

There was the infamous (Freudian?) slip of the tongue when he spoke to Tom Brokaw about his “Muslim faith” during the campaign. Then there's his praise of Muslim prayer calls...

"One of the prettiest sounds on earth" is the Muslim call to prayer at sunset."

-Barack Hussein Obama

How about the direction by this administration of NASA, an agency founded to foster space exploration, to reach out to Muslims?
It's bad enough that the space program has been gutted of its original mission. It certainly doesn't need any touchy feely busy work!

Then there's the fact that Obama has not regularly attended any even nominally Christian church regularly, much less joined one, since he failed to pay attention at "Reverend" Wright's church?

But, what about Bo the dog? Don't Muslims consider dogs to be unclean? Well, it's not like Obama puts the dog on a separate plane when they fly anywhere! Oh, wait!

Look for Obama to borrow Bill Clinton's ten pound Bible and darken the door of a few churches between now and 2012.

Obama's faith or lack thereof, is his own business. There's nothing wrong with being a Muslim, if he is one. The only problem would be if he had lied about it or mislead anyone about it for political expediency.

I think more people have a problem with his character and his economics than worry about his religion.


  1. What a ridiculous and ignorant blog post. The President is a Muslim because he said the Muslim call to prayer sounds nice (it does) and because he doesn't fly with his dog (he did today)? Why not post something positive or based on the truth? What are your ideas for making this country a better place?

  2. That's the buzz around water coolers surrounded by idiots.

    So if we follow the mold of your post, we can find clear evidence that you are a homosexual. You've probably dressed like a gay person at some point in your life, you've probably enjoyed brunch or a mimosa, and you've likely laughed at Ellen DeGeneres. All the signs are there! PROOF IS GAY!

  3. Anonymous: I applaud your bravery. And I pity your lack of humor. The bit about the dog was tongue in cheek. I thought that was far enough over the top that no one but a humorless liberal would complain. My bad. I didn't think I needed to do a "Closed Captioning for the Humor Impaired" on this post.

    As for the supposed "ignorance" of this you deny or take exception to the Pew poll? Because that's what it's based on. And the questions put forth (with the exception of the dog) are questions that are being asked around the water cooler and around the Internet. That is based on the truth. Pity you can't recognize it.

    Did you miss the part at the end when I said whether or not he was a Muslim was irrelevant? His own business?? Not the most important thing to consider about him???

    If you want to know what my ideas for making the country a better place, I'll start by getting people to lighten up...

  4. Danny C.: Wow! Way to put me in my place! /sarcasm
    You must be a liberal. Liberals are the ones who supposedly think that there is nothing wrong with being homosexual and then persistently try to use it as an insult.

    Speaking of idiots, I understand that 10% of the people who believe that Obama is a Muslim are Democrats. But, you know your team better than I do, Danny!

    As far as your other ass-umptions: "Dressed like a gay person"? Do you think that all gay people dress alike? Look alike?? How bigoted of you!
    BTW, I've never had a "mimosa" and I don't find Ellen funny. Don't worry, Danny. If it wasn't for wrong assumptions, you'd have none at all!

    If we follow the mold of your comment Danny, I suspect that all we will find is more mold!

  5. Glad you took time out of your busy day to respond to my very important feedback. But you have not cleared the air. I know that it doesn't matter if you're gay or not. That's you're business and nobody else's. But I did hear that you once owned a Ricky Martin CD. Just saying.

    Seriously though, your thoughtless post may not explicitly say that Obama is a Muslim but it certainly fans the flames of idiocy. You may not like the president or his policies, but directing your attention towards his falsely rumored faith shows that you have no better ideas for fixing our economy and the countless other problems we face. You are clearly giving ammunition to the weak-minded folks who are sitting around the water cooler wondering about these Muslim rumors.

    Now that we've lightened up, seriously: what are your ideas for making this country better? You're probably outraged about the deficit, but I'm guessing that your outrage about this is realtively new. So you're arguing that we should cut spending at a time when we are in a deep recession? Not smart or practical! I'm also guessing that you're arguing for the same policies that got us into this economic mess such as tax cuts for the people who need them the least and deregulation of the financial sector. Show us some ideas that are effective and not based on your greed.

    Why not use this blog to address this Muslim rumor, refute it (as any good intelligent person would) and then talk about real issues? Weak sauce!

  6. Ricky Martin? Is this projection on your part Danny? Because if you are gay, there's nothing wrong in you admitting it! (Your secret is safe with me!)

    "your thoughtless post may not explicitly say that Obama is a Muslim" Congratulations on figuring out what that squiggly line in the headline means!
    The reason the post does not "explicitly say that Obama is a Muslim" is because I did not say it. Congratulations again for picking up on that. Gold star for you!

    There is currently a poll out, that tells us that after two years of exposure to this guy, who claims to be a Christian (just not a very good one), more people than ever think he is a Muslim. Even among Democrats, so this is not just some partisan thing.

    That's a fact.

    I'm sorry you would rather I not deal with facts, but hey! That's what the comments are for!

    "directing your attention towards his falsely rumored faith shows that you have no better ideas for fixing our economy"

    And the fact that you did not touch upon abortion, gun control or manned trips to Mars show that you have no better idea what is under your tin foil hat than I do!

    Puh-lease! People are not one dimensional. (Well, I can't speak for you, you may well be!)
    I comment on a lot of things on this blog. For you to pick one post and from that ass-ume that I don't have better ideas about anything else is puerile to say the least, bordering on mindless.

    Why don't you find a blog with training wheels and try out your comments there first? When you get this whole "logic" thing down, come back and we'll talk!

  7. What about gun control? Another area where conservatives are going to be on the wrong side of history. America leads the industrialized world in gun violence and conservatives are calling for easing gun laws. That's worse than stupid.

    Your blog appeals to the ignorant. Sure, some of it is in jest, but you are stoking the all-too-present fear and intolerance that has sadly come to define the Right as you grasp to keep small amount of power that you all retained after 8 fun years of the Bush Administration. Example: the photoshopped picture of Obama labeled "Miss Indonesia". I'm glad you find that funny, but it shows a complete lack of understanding of other cultures. The picture was taken in Kenya. But it's all the same, right?

    Look, let's be realistic: nothing is simple or one-sided. And no single person or political party can be blamed for America's problems. But when you play into these dangerous fears that people have about Muslims, or the asinine idea that we are on the verge of socialism, you enable the dumb to get dumber and you lose all credibility with rational, intelligent people.

    This is fun! I'm going to post here more often.

  8. The fear and utter ignorance on display by the right wing crazies is a testament to the dumbing down of our nation. The USA is so chock full of ignorant, under-educated nitwits. The scary part is that most of them vote and procreate. Wake up people, educate yourselves, use your brains, and maybe the USA would have a chance to rise back up out of the downward spiral in which it has fallen.

  9. Danny C. says: "What about gun control? Another area where conservatives are going to be on the wrong side of history."
    Unfortunately, Danny C. is on the wrong side of the facts. Every city and nation that has enacted tough gun control laws or gun bans has seen an increase in violent crime. Look at NYC, Wash D.C., England or Australia.
    The problem is that law abiding folk will obey the law, criminals won't. So instead of putting guns in the hands of peaceful law abiding citizens, you leave them in the hands of criminals, who, not coincidentally are not required to register their guns because it would violate their Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination.

    As you say, that's worse than stupid.

  10. "The fear and utter ignorance on display by the right wing crazies is a testament to the dumbing down of our nation" So, one out of ten Democrats is a "right wing crazy"?

    Like I say, you folks know your people best!

  11. Do you really think that I would be surprised that (at least) 10% of Democrats are every bit as ignorant and misinformed as the right wing fools (you included) who are helping to spread this rumor? Sadly, ignorance and intolerance are not confined to the right. But it is inexcusable, no matter who it is coming from.


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