Monday, August 30, 2010

Julianne Moore "Naked" ad Banned in Venice, Italy

by the Left Coast Rebel

We know that Europe is turning away from government policies that have resoundly failed them over the past century even as America attempts a disastrous experiment in the same. Could perhaps Europe be turning the corner on a moral Awakening of sorts as well (or at least moralistic or morally authoritarian governance)?

This story out of Venice Italy seems to point to just that:

REPORTS that a naked image of American actress Julianne Moore was banned from the famous St Mark's Square in Venice is gaining widespread attention.

The Mayor of Venice ruled out the giant advertisement, which featured the naked actress with her modesty preserved by a large black bag and two lion cubs, saying it was inappropriate.

The poster, for luxury goods manufacturer Bulgari, was to have featured Moore reclining in a classical pose on red brocade cushions and was to have covered part of the pink and white Gothic facade of the Doge's Palace while restoration work was under way.

The giant adverts are a valuable source of income for Venice - the Bulgari poster bringing in around £30,000 (US$46,500) per month - and the Mayor, Giorgio Orsoni, has agreed that it can be replaced by a more chaste image of the actress.

When I saw the "naked" Bulgari ad image of actress Julianne Moore I thought that it didn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary that one would see at Times Square in New York. The powers that be in Italy (Venice) think the same - and that's the problem:

“I take account of the fact that Venice is part of the real word ... but we cannot accept these Hollywood-style images,” said Marino Folin, president of the Venice Foundation.

“There are intelligent sponsors, and we need to come up with advertising that suits Venice, not Times Square.”

For the life of me, I can't see what the big deal is about:

Banned in Venice - Julianne Moore 'naked' ad that isn't

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  1. She's not naked! She's wearing a bracelet, necklace and ear rings!

    And while I would not invite her back to see Mom attired like that, I do agree that it is much ado about...nothing!

  2. Oh, and thanks for the headline! If "Julianne Moore Naked" doesn't have "Rule Five" written all over it, I'll eat my hat! Heh.

  3. Obviously, you guys have never experienced Venice. I live in Venice part-time. This has nothing to do with being naked or prudish. It has to do with preserving what makes Venice one of the most magical cities in the world--the refusal to blot the landscape with commercialism. Oh absolutely--it's a very commercial tourist city in some parts. But people go there precisely to get away from this crap. I have nothing against the ad but I don't want to see it plastered in one of most spectacular piazzas in the world. They already covered the Bridge of Sighs with a giant mural advertisement, which made me ill. I'm glad the mayor is putting his foot down.

  4. Yes, Proof - shameless Rule 5 traffic-grabbing action!

    Amy - thanks for the info!

  5. Amy: Thanks for stopping by! You're right. The closest I got to Venice was Venice California!


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