Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Poverty or Plastic?"

I tend to agree with the maker of the ad, we have many more important problems in California than a proliferation of plastic bags. Plastic bags can be and are recycled. Cloth bags, on the other hand, can make people sick if not properly cleaned for reuse.

I would be much happier with the California legislature if they spent more of their time trying to figure out how to move California from the brink of bankruptcy and spent less time catering to the environmentalist wacko fringe.


  1. You live in California? I just got back from two weeks in Sunnyvale.

    It's a beautiful state hijacked by morons. Too bad there aren't more like you.

  2. Gosh, I haven't driven through Sunnyvale since... Friday!

  3. Part of me is actually glad our illustrious state legislators are wasting their time on things like this, because at least then they're not spending their time adding even more spending and more taxes into the state budget.

    Then I realize just how messed up this state has gotten, that I'm now thinking that way...

  4. Wesley: California is a beautiful state run by crooks and morons...sometimes, not mutually exclusive!


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