Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aerial Photos of Glenn Beck's "Restoring America" Rally

by the Left Coast Rebel

I wanted to carry additional aerial photos of the August 28, 2010 Glenn Beck "Restoring Honor" rally so I put on my Google cap and started searching. First off is this aerial shot that has been circling the intertubes (h/t Newsbusters) and is one of the most awesome:

This photo will be famous: Crowd at the Glenn Beck "Restoring Honor" rally

Here's another awesome aerial shot of the Glenn Beck "Restoring Honor" rally per Right Scoop:
Again, here are the aerial shots taken by whereby CBS News estimated the Glenn Beck rally crowd at "87,000":

The area around the Lincoln Memorial in Washington during a rally organized by conservative commentator Glenn Beck is seen in this aerial picture taken Aug. 28, 2010.(Credit:

The area around the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool in Washington during a rally organized by conservative commentator Glenn Beck is seen in this aerial picture taken Aug. 28, 2010.


How many people do you think attended yesterday's event? I would venture to say it was between 100,000 to 200,000 but I could be wrong. Cross posted to LCR.


  1. Great pictures! And I understand that even with those massive crowds there, the litter problem was minimal and the participants cleaned up after themselves.(Unlike the "Earth Day" crowd who care so much about the planet! )
    Conservationism and conservatism have the same roots.

  2. I attended, The Crowd was enormous. Every Metro station close to down town were packed to capacity by 8:00 in the morning. Every speaker was excellent, The message was excellent. God bless our Nation!

  3. Anonymous: Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you got to attend. And thanks for your report.

  4. I did a little research. I took the aerial pictures of the crowd and overlayed it on Google Earth. Using the ruler tool I measured the area the crowd covered (careful to subtract for the reflecting pool, etc...). I then allowed 2ft x 2.5ft of standing room per person (5 sq ft). This equates to a crowd size of 309,000. Probably not super accurate but in the ballpark.

  5. Anonymous: If you're going to bring in math and science and analysis and stuff, we're going to have to ask you to leave!
    Seriously, thanks for your analysis. It beats a lot of the WAGs we've gotten from too many people.

  6. Thanks for the pictures! I was there with my family and regardless of the actual number, the message was positive, uplifting and full of HOPE instead of NOPE.

  7. tiny compared to the rally to restore sanity which i was at... now if only the sane will get out to vote... so we dont continue giving the country to the richest 1% of americans

  8. To anonymous #2: You will pardon us if we don't believe you?


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