Thursday, September 16, 2010

Carly Fiorina's New Ad

You know the words "Barbara Boxer" and "qualified for the US Senate" should never be used in a sentence that does not contain the word "not".

Still, the latest ad from Carly Fiorina, to me, smacks a little bit of class envy. See what you think?


  1. Proof - I don't see it as class envy when one points out that a member of the ruling class has become wealthy off the backs of the taxpayers and due to lobbyist connections, etc.

    I think it's a smart ad and goes for the jugular and parallels what the Boxer meme has been against Fiorina.

  2. LCR: It's one thing to say she may have benefited from insider deals to enrich herself, but "since going to Washington her salary more than doubled" is a different story.

    Do you realize just how how ago she went to Washington? I would think that inflation alone would at least double over that amount of time.

    So, the "salary doubling" line seemed a bit gratuitous.

  3. Boxer has killed millions of US jobs while in Washington. She a big part of why this country's so screwed up now. Her new claim to fame? Cap and Trade! Your utilities will all go up around 25% Thanks Again Boxer!

  4. I'd love to see these, but everything I click on says I need to accept a friend's request or some such thing. Oh well....

  5. Not sure what you're having trouble with, A. Everything seems to be working on this end.
    If you have any specifics. I'd be happy to correct any problems I can find with the site or the links.


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