Saturday, September 25, 2010

Colbert: Only Terrorists Have Bigger Bombs*

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Humor is a subjective thing. Not everybody laughs at the same jokes. Not everyone agrees on who's funny. How else could you explain Jerry Lewis, Pauly Shore and early Adam Sandler?

That brings us to Steven Colbert testifying before Congress. Let me say up front that I've never been impressed with Colbert's shtick. I heard the audio of portions of his testimony on Levin's show this afternoon. And while Levin mildly chuckled a couple of times, I didn't. Colbert bombed. Big time.
I later saw portions of the video, with people seated, staring stone faced behind him, also not laughing. I could relate to them. The closest thing to a laugh, was when Colbert mocked Congress for not reading legislation by saying that, like them, he hadn't read it either. That might have been funny if it were not true and indicative of the rot in our nation's capitol. Not really a laughing matter.

It was supposed to be a hearing about immigration and this buffoon is doing jokes about nicknames for gay Iowans. Frankly, it was disgusting. Not the lame gay joke, but the fact that this clown was wasting the time of what ought to be a serious body of people going about the serious business of this country.

That is not to say that legislators must be perpetually dour. I enjoy a good joke as much, if not better than the next man. But, having this court jester testify at a Senate** hearing was the joke. And it wasn't funny.

If the current crop of Congress Critters can't comprehend that. Let's send them home where they can make all the gay Iowan jokes they want. Just not at our expense.

*Closed Captioning for the Humor Impaired: Figurative bombs. It's an colloquial phrase.

**It has been pointed out to me that this was a House hearing. Maybe it was all the comparisons to Al Franken that caused me to make the mistake. Or maybe it was that my Givead*mn was broken concerning this clown and Congress?

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