Thursday, September 23, 2010

Conservative 'Adult' Entertainment

by the Left Coast Rebel

Don't let the title scare you. Relax. Turn off the lights.


The boys at Hillbuzz sum up the Christie phenomenon perfectly:

Honestly, this guy should give seminars to Republicans on how to man-up and deal with crazy people.

When you watch videos of Christie, we want you to do something that you might think sounds silly at first, but we’re serious and real here.

When you watch Chris Christie in action, in a clip like this, we want you to sit back and think about how YOU can be more like him in your OWN lives. Particularly when dealing with YOUR elected officials.

Christie is always professional and, in our opinion, polite to the people he dresses down. But the man knows his stuff, is on his game, and is hyper-confident and aggressive. There is no mousing around issues. He does not let people get away with any garbage. It is The Chris Christie show wherever he goes and we wish conservatives coast to coast were just like this.

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