Sunday, September 19, 2010

Obama's Middle Class Honesty Cuts

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Obama would much rather control the narrative than control the economy. This is nowhere more apparent than in the administration's attempt to spin the extension of the Bush era tax cuts into "Obama's middle class tax cuts".

An extension would merely maintain the status quo. Your tax rate in January would be the same as it is today. No cut. None. Nada. Zip. Zero. But in Democrat-speak, not raising your taxes the way the Democrats wanted (it was they who voted to make Bush's tax cuts temporary), is granting you a tax cut.

This hearkens back to the old Congressional accounting system where a tax increase was proposed, Congress Critters would vote for a figure smaller than the one proposed, that was still a tax increase, yet they would brag (with the MSM as their willing accomplices) that they had "cut taxes" (from the proposed increase, not actually).

Thus, anyone advocating not raising anyone's taxes in our currently weak economy, is advocating...wait for it..."tax cuts for the rich". Or what we call in a little place I like to call reality: Leaving things the way they are.

Raising taxes in a recession is a bad idea. The fact that the Obama administration is contemplating raising anyone's taxes, borders on malfeasance if not incompetence.
The fact that they want to portray not raising your taxes as a "tax cut" either speaks of how ill acquainted these guys are with reality or honesty (or both). It also illustrates the liberals' view of who your money belongs to. It belongs to the government, according to them. For letting you keep a portion of that, you should be grateful.

The fact that they want to portray not raising taxes on small businesses and "the rich", as a tax cut", (i.e., people who might be in a position to actually create jobs), Obama, Pelosi and Co. demonstrate that they would much rather control the narrative than to provide meaningful or effective leadership to the country and an end to Obama's Economic Malaise.

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