Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bill O'Reilly Interviews the Fired Juan Williams

Liberals with the pretense of tolerance fire another liberal for appearing on Fox News expressing an opinion.

Video via Say Anything


  1. wow glad u found this follow up my friend..will listen and watch now!

  2. A lot of who you are is how you react when something bad happens to you. Juan Williams is doing the equivalent of smashing the windows on the way out of the NPR office, while pocketing Fox's $2 million. No class at all - NPR obviously made the right decision.

  3. Michael: You've got it all backwards. You must be a liberal, right? The ones with no class were the ones who fired Williams for simply being honest about his feelings.
    The classless ones fired Williams for the audacity to appear on the hated Fox News, a day after accepting an obscene amount of cash from George Soros.
    Besides, I thought you liberals were all over that Broken Window Theory? Heh.


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