Friday, October 22, 2010

Boxer: I've Worked So Hard for this Title - the David Zucker Video

This may be the funniest video this election cycle:

Call Me Madam Joe from RightChange on Vimeo.

David Zucker, the creative genius behind Airplane! and Naked Gun movies, once supported Barbara Boxer. "Let this video be my apology"

More at Gina Cobb

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  1. To me Boxer exemplifies the snottly level of arrogance of the elitist in DC, that really needs to go away.

  2. Proof, I saw this first here, and then this morning I received it from my niece. I posted it, but couldn't remember where in the ethertoobs I first viewed it. Anyway, I linked Proof Positive:-) (sadly, don't plan on a MaggieLanch)

  3. Maggie: Not a problem! Gina Cobb was near the tip of the spear. I got in early, but now, just about anybody I read regularly has picked up on this (and then some!). And who wouldn't? It's a comedy classic!

  4. This old woman Boxer has a lot of cheek telling a Brig. General not to call her "ma'am." She wants to be called Senator. Ma'am is the correct address for the Queen of England so it should be good enough for the arrogant Boxer


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