Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Star Trek: To Boldly Go... With Microsoft Windows!

A little geeky humor via The House of Eratosthenes


  1. The joy of Star Trek and the pain that Windows can be? What's not to like?
    If you'll remember, with a few exceptions, there wasn't a computer that Kirk didn't destroy!
    (maybe Kirk was descended from Bill Gates?)

  2. Landru, Vol, the computer that generated that homicidal gal, the ones that waged war via disintegration chambers...Kirk blew them all to Kingdom Come.
    Sounds like a man with a bad Windows experience!

  3. And when Spock's brain became a computer, he disconnected that! (from the planet, not from Spock!)

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  5. I'm not a Star Trek follower, but this completely made sense to me and I felt their pain:-)


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