Friday, November 19, 2010

Krauthammer on the Folly of Trials of Terrorists in Civilian Courts

Krauthammer speaks of the "high protection" afforded to American citizens under the Constitution. These protections were never intended to be extended to illegal combatants who kill Americans and attempt to undermine our nation.

Anyone else get the impression that choosing Eric Holder, who once worked for a law firm providing pro bono defense for terrorists, to prosecute the terrorists, might not have been the best judgment here?

Video via American Glob


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  2. I disagree with Charles on one point. He says, "What an embarrassment for the Obama administration." It would be an embarrassment if they weren't expecting this outcome. You can't tell me an administration so chock full of lawyers couldn't foresee this happening? This was the goal behind them wanting to try them in civilian courts from day one.

  3. fleece: I'm with Charles on that one. It's embarrassing to fail. It's more embarrassing to fail big time. The administration didn't have to "foresee" this was coming, they were told flat out it would come. They did it anyway.
    This tears a big gaping hole in their "we're smarter than you, do what we say" approach to governing.

    Now if you will just step a little closer to your monitor, I will scan you for weapons...

  4. does it get any more twisted than this..great find !

  5. This is the way I look at it. If the terrorist is an american, then yes give them a trial, or repeal their citizenship. Thus giving him a military tribunal. Otherwise, all foreign fighters or terrorist should only get military courts for a trial...then a short rope with a long drop.

  6. Constitutional protections are for citizens and people here legally. Illegal combatants should face military tribunals. Period.
    Would it be too much to ask that the Obama administration learn a lesson from this?