Sunday, December 12, 2010

God is a Lions Giants* Fan?

There is some talk among the football talking heads that the mishap at the Metrodome puts Minnesota at a disadvantage in the upcoming Lions Giants game, by taking away the home field advantage.

*My bad! That makes more sense. No one is a Lions fan!

Rare, high speed stop motion still of the collapse of the Metrodome:

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  1. Proof,,,Being a lifetime resident in the Detroit-Metro area I can assure you God has no design on the Lions whatsoever.

    It matters not where theyplay but rather who owns them, this is a matter of widely known perception in this State.

  2. Christopher: Seeing everyone but the parking attendants cleaning their clock every Thanksgiving, I would have though the opposite. But, not having that crowd noise in the dome is going to be a big plus for the Lions.

    On the other hand, another opportunity to lose at home may not be that big a blessing!


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