Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Michael Moore: Only Racists own Guns, or Something Like That

by the Left Coast Rebel

Does this video even require commentary?

You have to love how Maddow just sits there and Moore is the Oracle of the Left, some kind of pharao-esque spiritual leader with transcendental thoughts....oh, he's so brilliant.

It's amazing that Michael Moore cites statistics of low crime rates in areas of the country where there is also high rates of gun ownership. Why do you think that is, Mr. Moore? Could it be precisely because these areas have high gun ownership? Why do areas like Los Angeles and Washington DC -- places with the most stringent gun control laws -- also have the highest incidents of "gun violence"?

I would so love to sit down with this guy at a burger joint (he'd have to buy, I don't think I could afford it otherwise), and have a back and forth, reasoned debate; a non sequitir-free zone. I wonder what it would look like? I wonder how Moore and would argue against my assertion that the right to bear arms is as basic and fundamental a right as freedom of speech and even more, that the bearing of arms -- by good, decent, lawful citizens -- is actually the most effective crime prevention program ever invented in the history of the free world?

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  1. "Mostly owned in safe parts of town, suburbs and rural areas"
    If the bloated one were not so ignorant of US history, or the history of gun control, he might know that the term "Saturday Night Special" came into being because of gun ownership by urban blacks.

    And is he saying that the "people of color" who buy guns, own them because they are afraid of other "people of color"?

    Inflate a balloon. Hold the end so that it makes that irritating squealing noise. You have now improved upon Michael Moore. (The balloon analogy works, too!)

  2. So according to Moore "only" 500 people are killed each year in home invasions. What are the statistics on people who aren't killed during a home invasion, just merely terrorized?

    I think it's amazing that a man who can't control a knife and fork AND who has in the past, employed a bodyguard, knows what's best for all of us.

  3. Mrs. C: I believe John Lott has done some studies on deterrence. It's harder to document, because if some thug tries to jack your car or mug you or break into your house and the sight of a gun scares these guys off without firing a shot, the odds are, the incident will never be reported.

    Mr. Moore has watched too many episodes of CSI where they test fire the bullets into the fat like gelatin and it only goes in eight inches. (He figures he's safe.)

  4. Most police type officers own guns. So by Moore's definition most police officers are racist? He should execise his right to freedom of speech more often, especially when stopped for speeding or some other minor infraction. Through his weight around a bit (go ahead and groan, it was intentional), then let us know how it worked out for him.

  5. I remember one time, some gun control dweeb said "handguns are only good for one thing...killing people"
    My suggestion to him was, the next time he's pulled over for a traffic infraction, that he ask the cop how many people he's killed, since the gun wasn't useful for anything else.


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