Sunday, February 20, 2011

Michelle Obama in Vail for weekend

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Meanwhile, no one goes downhill faster than Barry!

VAIL, Colorado — First lady Michelle Obama is among the Presidents Day weekend crowd.

Obama arrived Friday night for a weekend of skiing in Vail and Beaver Creek, according to local sources.

No big deal in and of itself, right? But later in the story, we see this:

Obama has made health and fitness one of her primary causes, and skiing burns up to 400 calories an hour

Barry told her to take as long as she wanted!

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  1. "No one goes down hill faster than Berry"
    very nice

  2. I know. It's one of those, "I wish I'd thought of that" lines. But, I borrowed the basic sentiment along with the picture.

  3. I loved the line as well...

    This is why I avoid Vail and Ski Copper or Monarch.

  4. But, but, but you might have the chance to run into Michelle!


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