Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Move On" Whistles by the Graveyard - "Wow"

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Some of you new to Proof Positive may not know it, by I am a member of "Move On dot Org". I know I'm a member, because they keep telling me I am! (Typically, before they ask me for more money.)From their latest email:

Dear MoveOn member,
Wow. The energy around today's Rallies to Save the American Dream has exploded in the last 36 hours.

What started as just an idea on Tuesday morning has turned into 30,000 people signed up to attend the Rallies to Save the American Dream in 66 cities—including every state capital.

It'll be an amazing show of solidarity with the people of Wisconsin. And it'll put the right-wing on notice that we're fired up and ready to take them on united, as a nationwide movement.
(emphasis mine)

See. This is why I think that Moooove On appeals more to the typically math impaired liberal (but, I repeat myself). The "explosion" you just heard was more like a Greenie Stickem cap* that was left in your jeans, after your Mom washed them.

Thirty thousand people in sixty six cities works out to about 454 people per city. Imagine four hundred and fifty of your neighbors rallying for anything in your fair city. Unless the population of your town is five thousand or less, I'm thinking that's not much of an "explosion". If all 30,000 of them were in one city, like New York or L.A., it might be newsworthy, but still not that big a deal! And that's "signed up", that's not even "shown up" yet.

To quote my estimable friends in Mooove oN (in my best Ben Stein impression): "Wow". Color me unimpressed.

Update: FYI, 30,000 people in a population of 308.7 million is .00971%
Less than one tenth of one percent. Again: Wow.

*For those of you too young to know what a Stickem cap was, we present the following educational video:

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