Monday, February 21, 2011

Obama Administration: No Transparency "In the Paint"

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Coach Obama takes a break from drills to demonstrate his mad shadow puppet skills.

A little noticed story about a father and his girl's basketball team was in the news recently. Barack Obama stepped in to substitute for an absent basketball coach.

Saturday morning the president left the oval office pressure cooker and stepped onto the basketball court to fill in for the absent coach of his daughter Sasha’s basketball team. Even though his daughters and the first lady took were in Colorado on a skiing trip, the president decided he was needed, and stepped in to fill the coach’s shoes. If he couldn’t fix the country’s problems in one morning at least he could paint smiles on the faces of a group of nine-year-olds.

The game was held at a community centre in Chevy Chase, Maryland, where the president and the first lady often go Saturday mornings to watch Sasha play basketball. Reports say this was the first time the president has filled in for the team’s coach. Reporters are banned from going inside the community centre, so no word on how successful his coaching methods were. But a man with a whole country’s welfare on his shoulders should be able to handle a group of nine-year-olds….right?

Reporters weren't allowed in. That's responsible. No need for all these budding female athletes to be distracted by the photographers and scribes of the Washington Press corps. (BTW, Mr. President, that's pronounced "core", not "corpse".)

But presidential aides refused to release the score of the game after it was ended. Why do I suspect that if Sasha's team had won, we'd hear about it for the next two years?


  1. LibertyAtStake has retired 1-0 (undefeated) as interim FHYAA basketball coach. What is Barry's record as of today?


    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

  2. My guess is you're beating him. I don't know why the score wasn't released, other than he feels it makes him look bad.


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