Friday, February 11, 2011

Quote du jour

"Those who vehemently oppose the Patriot Act should not cower under their collective (pun intended) rocks just because the current occupants of the White House and Senate are Democrats."



  1. Yeah, too much political opinion is personality based instead of being founded upon principle.

  2. More politics than personality. Leftists don't care about Obama, per se, but about liberalism. That's why they scream about the war and the Patriot act when a Republican is in office and are quiet as church mice when a lib or a Dem holds actual power and does the same thing (or worse).

    It even works that way for things like the minimum wage. The first two years of the Clinton administration, Dems held both the House and Senate. They could have done pretty much anything they wanted. (Much like BO and the boys recently). It was only after the Republicans took the House that a cry and a clamor to raise the minimum wage was heard.
    (Damn those heartless Republicans!)

    If History repeats itself, everything that BO could have passed for the last two years will now be blamed upon Republican obstructionism, with the MSM, wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party, chiming in and reinforcing the notion.


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