Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tolerance, Liberal Style

by guest blogger Andrew Roman


On his radio program Wednesday morning, Mike Gallagher spent a few minutes talking about something that caught his attention while heading for the airport in Dallas – something that had me laughing out loud on the New York subway listening to the podcast. 

Gallagher saw a vehicle sporting two bumper stickers with seemingly conflicting messages.

The first sticker read: “Turn Off Fox: Bad News For America.”

The other sticker had the word “Coexist” on it, with each letter of the word representing something different (e.g., the “C” as a crescent moon of Islam, the “O” as a peace sign, the lower-case “e” as a symbol of both sexes, and so on). 

It’s hard to overstate how damn funny that really is. Hysterical, really.

As someone doomed to believe that words actually have meanings, I'm wondering ... Do none of the symbols on the "coexist" bumper sticker serve to represent the Fox News Channel? It's employees? The children of their employees who depend on mom and dad for food and shoes? Or is the driver's plea for cultural and religious harmony not inclusive of Fox News and the all the "coexisting" human beings who work there?

And what about the viewers who enjoy Fox? Are they not invited to coexist either?

I am going to step out on a limb and guess that the person responsible for decorating the vehicle with these bumper stickers is not a conservative.

If ever there was a better example of what modern liberal "tolerance" is all about, I’m not cognizant of it.

Ask a tolerant liberal waving one of those rainbow flags in support of same-sex marriage, “Which of these colors represents me, the supporter of traditional marriage?”

The answer will be as enlightened as the one you will get if you ask a global-warming wacko, "What temperature should it be right now?"

Remember, coexistence - like calls for "unity" and "bi-partisanship" - is, and always will be, on their terms only. A politician who seeks "unity" is really asking the electorate to think like he or she does.

It begs the question: Why are liberal “prejudices” more valid than conservative ones?

Because liberal bigotry fosters unity and understanding, of course.

Remember that.


Update: John Brasher, one of our sharp eyed readers sent in this coexist sticker:
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John: I like yours better! -Proof


  1. Andrew: Maybe it's just a marketing problem at Fox? Maybe if they just turned the "O" in their logo into a little "peace sign", like the "coexist" people, all the commie libs would be down with that? Nah!

    You make good points. Some of the most bigoted, narrow minded, intolerant people on the planet are those wonderfully "tolerant" liberals, deluding themselves into thinking they are the most enlightened and broad minded people that ever could be. I mean, after all...history didn't even start until the day they were born!

  2. Instead of dividing us (conservative/liberal/democrat/republican/etc), why not unite us as Americans?

  3. I find the Fox sticker informative and reveling and actually a great marketing tool for the channel.

    You never hear the bad news about America on any other news channel and God knows there is bad news.

    Just stating those words reveals that fact and might prompt those wearing blinders to take them off and change the channel and get informed as to what they are not being told elsewhere.

    It's simple psychology like when you place a book at the very top shelf of the bookcase and tell a child not to touch it, well we all know that in our absence the child will do their damnedest to reach the top and grab that book.

  4. Anonymous: There is much that unites us as Americans, but to ignore the differences is folly.

  5. Christopher: The libtards that put out that Fox sticker don't fault Fox for reporting bad news, they believe that a news source that is not tilted left is bad news for America (but only for an America where the news is filtered through the Left's rose colored glasses.)


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