Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Linkaround

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Giving Union Members a Choice: How to Get Union Dues Refunds

Ron Paul, The “Ronulans” and The Young Americans For Freedom Kerfuffle

John Bolton for President...?

No Surprise: American Troops Love The New XM25 Grenade Launcher…

Sarah and the San Francisco Poster Wars

Allen West lashes out at the “ignorance and dishonest rhetoric” of Congressional Democrats

Obama’s Draconian Cuts?

NPR Promotes New Planned Parenthood Radio Ads Attacking Pro-Lifers After They Lose House Vote

'They Should Spellcheck the Hell Out of Their Signs'

Obama's Louis XV budget -Krauthammer

New Mexico Dem Sen. Jeff Bingaman to retire

‘Raymond Noodles’? - The Other McCain

Government Cheese

Rule Five Roundup*:
Support your local Gunfighter- Valerie Bertinelli

Teresamerica -Diane Lane

Rule Five Sunday –The Other McCain

American Perspective- Can Bikinis Save Film?

Maggie’s Notebook – Jennifer Lopez, Dictators' Wives, Sheyla Hershey's Worlds Biggest Breasts

Rule Five Saturday, Valentines, Hump Day Rule Five, Rule Five News –Camp of the Saints

Eye of Polyphemus –Kaley Cuoco, Adrianne Curry

Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup–Pirates Cove

Friday Pin up -Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Friday Night Babe - Amanda Righetti

Vintage Babe of the Week – Angelique Pettyjohn (I'd buy that for a quatloo!)

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011 – American Power

Theo Spark –Bath Night

Soylent Green –Hot Valentine’s Day , More Corsets, Still more

Last Tradition- Candice Swanpoel

Full Metal Patriot – Midweek Peek – Carla Gugino

*By no means comprehensive.

Use the comments as an open thread on any of these topics.

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