Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Think Traffic is Sticky Where You Are?


A tanker truck carrying molasses crashed along Highway 99 near Stockton Wednesday morning.
...The truck driver and both people in the other car are ok after the accident. However, traffic is stopped on Highway 99, and backed up on I-5. (The two major arteries for North/South traffic in the state)
...The truck was carrying 70,000 pounds of molasses, which spilled out on the road. Crews are pouring sand on the syrup to try and soak it up.

After they ran out of biscuits and pancakes.


  1. I always like a good pancake feed!

  2. Yep. Southern style! Although, can't you also make rum from molasses? This may be a bigger tragedy than I thought!

  3. I thought molasses were the posteriors of tiny burrowing mammals.

  4. Which have about the same smell. Thus the name!


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