Sunday, May 22, 2011

Herman Cain Makes it Official

The Hermanator threw his hat in the ring for president today.

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Tea Party favorite Herman Cain announced his long-shot presidential candidacy to a raucous crowd in Atlanta Saturday, yelling, "I'm running for president of the United States and I'm not running for second."

At a rally attended by thousands, the businessman, author and talk radio show host showed he knows how to wow a conservative gathering. The crowd chanted, "Herman, Herman, Herman," as Cain unleashed the same soaring rhetoric and relentless attacks on President Obama that has created buzz in recent weeks.

"Let me tell you some of the reasons why I'm running for president of the United States.We have become a nation of crises," he said, citing morals, the economy, entitlement spending, immigration and foreign affairs as among the crises facing the nation.

"And we've got a deficiency of leadership crisis in the White House," he said to roaring cheers.

A long shot? Definitely. But then, what was Barack Obama against the inevitability of a Hillary Clinton candidacy?

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  1. He is a part of the Fed who supported the bailouts. A true Keynesian in sheep's clothing.

  2. Trestin: That is one issue, and he supported TARP, not Obama's spendathon. We need to be sure to no conflate the two.

  3. RightKlik: What makes Daniels a Rino? He put Indiana on solid fiscal footing. If we had more republicans like him we would not be looking at the financial catastrophe that now stares us in the face.

    Let me guess, Palin and Bachman are the only "true" conservatives, right?

  4. "Let me guess, Palin and Bachman are the only "true" conservatives, right?"

    Probably a R.P. (the one whose name should never be mentioned) supporter

  5. Spartacus: I just think its too early to start ruling people out (Other than Gingrich, who ruled himself out with his Hilary hugging and Pelosi commercials.)

    Ron Paul has a lot to offer, but his answer on getting Bin Laden to me is as damning as Herman Cain's tarp support. I understand principle, but refusing to cap Bin Laden when we have him in our sites?


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