Monday, May 16, 2011

Newt Gingrich.: "Paul Ryan's Plan "Right wing Social Engineering""

by the Left Coast Rebel

The has-been RINO known as Newt Gingrich was on Meet the Press yesterday, Lonely Conservative fills us in on the surrounding controversy:
Newt Gingrich appeared on “Meet the Press” this morning and slammed Paul Ryan’s budget plan for Medicare reform, calling it “radical.” If that’s not bad enough, he went on to say he favors an individual mandate. He also spouted talking points straight out of the Democrat play book, saying he would root out “waste, fraud and abuse” in the system.
Video of his appearance:

I recall back in the day progressives using the endearing "Getrich" term for New Gingrich as he used his post-1990s Congress notoriety to sell books and brand himself, laughing all the way to the bank.

I think the term Getrich is more apt for his presidential run -- laugh along and follow the money as Getrich Inc. "runs" for president.

How cynical is it to screech "right wing social engineering" regarding Paul Ryan's Roadmap plan?

We can rest assured that this stupidity from Gingrich will now be featured going forth, "so radical that even Newt Gingrich says so..." will be heard over and over during the 2012 season.

With cons like this, who needs statist liberals?

I wish I could take my vote back in RightKlik's RINO elimination 2012 election poll (I voted for Huntsman but it was a tough choice with so many terrible choices).

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Updated: Weekly Standard's John McCormack catches Getrich in a bald-faced lie:

Gingrich's disavowal of Ryan's Medicare reform comes just a few weeks after he told Time's Jay Newton-Small that he would have voted for it:

The former speaker sang Ryan’s praises for being a “brave” “man of ideas,” like Gingrich himself.

“But would you have voted for Ryan’s plan?” I pressed.

“Sure,” Gingrich replied.

“Do you think it would actually save the health care system?”

“No, I think it’s the first step,” Gingrich said. “You need an entirely new set of solutions.”

But hours after Gingrich said on April 20 that he would have voted for Ryan's plan, he wrote in a Facebook post that he's interested in making a significant tweak to Ryan's Medicare reform: "allow seniors to choose, on a voluntary basis, a more personal system with greater options for better care."

Read the rest.

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  1. Newt still has Dede Scozzafava hanging around his neck like an albatross, too. And sharing the loveseat with Pelosi, and the affairs, etc.

    Lots of baggage. Definitely not my first choice.


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