Monday, May 16, 2011

For Those of You Keeping Score...

Mike Huckabee
Donald Trump
Mitt Romney
Newt Gingrich
Ron Paul
Jon Huntsman
Gary Johnson
Sarah Palin
Rick Santorum
Herman Cain
Tim Pawlenty
Mitch Daniels


  1. Somehow we need to get Allen West on that list...Without a line through his name.

  2. West is a good man. He might be veep if he doesn't throw his hat in the other ring.

  3. You're a little optimistic on Romney and Newt, but I share your sentiments.

    Newt shot one foot off yesterday, and he's using the remaining one to furiously backpedal.

    I think Romney will be the man to beat. He's got a pot of money and name recognition, and he's a nice guy with a good business reputation.

    I'm really liking the cut of Cain's jib at the moment...

  4. Mitt's trying to project his inevitability as nominee. After he's lost a few debates and the money starts to flow to better candidates, I think whatever lead he may have in name recognition will evaporate.

    Newt just needs to wake up and smell the Tea.

  5. I agree with you on Mitt, Proof. I don't think the tea party is in the mood for "inevitable" candidates with big-government track records.

  6. He's trying to build the "Big Mo", but I sincerely doubt that it will last.


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