Saturday, May 14, 2011

What's Up with Chris Matthews' Combover?

I hadn't seen little Chrissy Matthews in a long time. As a mark of just how bored I was this afternoon, I watched a little bit of his show. (Full disclosure: I think it was more Norah O'Donnell that held my attention than Chrissy's political acumen)

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Anyway, what's going on with his combover? I looked on line for a picture, but nothing quite compared with the Donald-Trump-dead-muskrat-on-the-forehead look he was sporting on TV. Something about the studio lights shining through his thinning hair and bouncing off his forehead like a sunlight bouncing off a full moon.

If Chrissy's head were a globe, the combover would start up above the arctic circle, sweep down through North America, round the tip of Baja California and on out to Hawaii.

One of his friends really should tell him. Send him this post if you can't bring yourself to do it yourself. Tell him "High foreheads are in". Just don't let David Axelrod be the one to tell him.

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  1. Yeah. But aren't there any meterosexuals in the Democrat party that could at least give them a little advice?

  2. Mrs. CrankipantsMay 15, 2011 at 10:46 AM

    I love a good combover, the more ridiculous, the better, especially on windy days when it flaps around like a flag. I like to look at it as making the most of what you've got! The one exception being Rudy Guiliani, he looks so much better now that he's quit the comb-over.

  3. I like to look at it as making the most of what you've got! Sorry, Mrs. C, but all good men come out on top! I look at combovers in the same way I do that spray paint they used to sell on infomercials to touch up bald spots. And, as you say, at least the paint wouldn't flap in the breeze!

  4. Mrs. CrankipantsMay 15, 2011 at 2:07 PM

    Spray on hair was genius! Who would've guessed you can use a can of spray paint to cover up bald spots? I wonder if it would hold up in a rainy spell?


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