Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Man in the Red Bandana

A touching story of one of the victims and heroes of 9/11. Well worth the time it will take you to watch it.

H/T Wizbang


  1. To this day, I cannot reconcile the fact that three thousand people died in just a few hours for no other reason than that they went to work or got on a plane.

    Thank you for the reminding us of the bravery of people like Wes who died while rushing into unfathomable danger to rescue people he had never met. Good post.

  2. Sorry, I meant Welles!

    * pours second cup of coffee *

  3. People like Welles need to be remembered, their deeds honored and their lives celebrated.

    And by some small coincidence, I, too, am on my second cup of coffee this AM (and prone to more mistakes before it is finished!)