Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Orleans Liberals Violate Free Speech Rights, Demand Anti-Obama Private Property Signs be Taken Down

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If you really want to see what generations of the liberal mentality does to an individual's brain and soul simply (especially in the African-American community) watch this video:

So... a private citizen is displaying private property anti-Obama signs and local Jesse-Jackson-type libs want it taken down. Even shameless race-baiter Ray Negin showed up to "discuss" the situation with the property owner.

Memorable quotes taken from the video:

Local media
: "what some say is in bad taste, others call free speech." (Could the media be any stupider? Bad taste = free speech. Good taste = free speech. Free speech = free speech. End. Of. Discussion).

Local citizen: "It disrespects the nation and President Barack Obama represents our nation... everybody, not some people." (In other words, I don't like it so it needs to come down).

Local citizen #2: "He wouldn't do dat to dah Bush, it's insulting and we mean that it's going to have to be taken down." (translated: Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton told me so).

Local citizen #3: "This is nothing but pure Raaaaaacism!" (but of course, the first and last refuge of libtard scoundrels).

Orwellian New Orleans city councilwoman Susan Guidry: "We have to determine that there is a zoning law that prohibits perhaps the size of the sign; the way that it is erected, perhaps that it is leaning over onto public property, whatever we can use, we will." (Translated: meet the pinched-face of fascism, her name is "zoning law").

These people are no different than the "home of the 1960s free speech movement" Berkeley-types here in California that scream "1st Amendment!" yet rabidly decry against anything their close-minded pea-sized brains don't comprehend, insisting that "hate speech" is not "free speech."

Holding my breath waiting for the ACLU take up the property owner's case.

View photos of the anti-Obama signs here.

Hat-tip: Memeorandum.

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  1. Sleep well tonight! Susan Guidry is protecting your Constitution right to free speech! Unless it offends her or somebody else! Let me guess...she's a Democrat?