Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stripper Lawyer Raises the Bar

When lawyers pass the bar, is it supposed to be vertical?

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Charles Dickens once wrote: "The law is an ass." Very prescient.

A lawyer has told how she turned to stripping to pay bills after struggling to find a legal job in recession-weary America. The attorney, giving her name only as Carla, graduated from law school ten years ago. But after being made redundant in 2009, she had to take drastic action to avoid drowning in a sea of student loans and other debts.

Next time you hear of someone who lost the shirt off their back in the Obama recession, think of poor Carla! Did you hear the one about the lawyer who lost her suit?

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  1. Lifetime Movie network execs are going be all over this! It'll be good to see Alyssa Milano gainfully employed.

  2. I almost snorted orange juice out my nose when I read your comment this AM!