Monday, November 7, 2011

C.S.I. -Herman Cain's Car

Does anyone know what kind of car Herman Cain was driving that night? Or just exactly how large that front seat might be? Because I'm not sure this woman's story holds water. You have Mr. Cain and Ms. Bialek sitting side by side in the front seat. Cain is behind the wheel. He turns towards her and supposedly puts his hand on her leg and runs it up under her skirt. (00:45) Okay. Which hand?

I'm 6'3", with pretty long arms. Sitting in my car today, I tried reaching over with my left hand to where a passenger would be sitting. I had to lean forward to get anywhere near the top of a passenger's leg. It was awkward and uncomfortable and even more awkward if I would have tried to run my hand up the passenger's leg. My right hand, on the other hand (pun intended) reached easily and comfortably. So, let's assume for the moment that a person in the driver's seat could put his right hand up the skirt of someone in the passenger seat.

"He also grabbed my head and brought it towards his crotch." (00:53) Okay. At the risk of being crass...which hand? We pretty much established his right hand would be otherwise engaged. So, he must have used his left? I tried reaching around to simply touch the headrest on the passenger's side. It was even more awkward and I could barely touch it, much less imagine grabbing anyone's head and pulling it towards me. But again, with my right hand, I could do it easily.

But, she said..."also". As in, "at the same time"? Or was their some finite amount of time between the two events? Time in which to say "no!" or "WTF do you think you're doing?", or, "I'm not that kind of girl!" Something. I don't see anyone slyly slipping his left hand up her skirt or crossing his arms to grab her head, while in the front seat of a car, so if the sexual advances took place at all, would not the first action be an indication of more to come? (Pun also intended.)

And here's the tricky part. (Trick? Oblique pun intended.) If a man were to bring a woman's head towards his crotch, would he not first have needed his trousers unzipped? Wouldn't that have been a very large and definite indication of his intentions? In that situation, how did we get hand up the skirt, trousers unzipped, and head pulled down all before you tell him "no"?

Ladies, here's a clue: If the guy in the car with you unzips his pants, it's probably not so you can do his laundry! But she didn't say he did, and it seems odd that any man might pull a woman's head to his crotch so that she could admire the weave of his slacks. So, is she leaving out details of the story or making one up?

Seems to me, the only way her story would work, would be for them to be sitting very close together, with perhaps, at least some initial cooperation on her part. And there was alcohol involved. They met for drinks. How many? What kind? Anyone know if they had wine with their dinner? How much? Alcohol would impair judgment, both his and hers.

And finally, they were already friendly with one another, sat together at conferences, she met him for drinks, went out to dinner with him, and to one degree or another, perhaps under the influence, someone gave off the wrong signals or someone saw signals that weren't there? If it happened at all, and it's hard to be sure with the "he said, she said", I still don't see Herman Cain as a sexual predator. Maybe someone would have to present some kind of tangible or concrete evidence first.

Frankly, I would also be more inclined to believe Ms. Bialek's story had she not come into the clutches of Ms. Gloria Allred. Allred is a Democrat operative who has torpedoed Republican politicians before for fun and profit. This smells a little too contrived. And isn't it odd that none of this came out during Cain's run for the Senate?

I'm not saying it couldn't have happened, but before we assassinate the man's character, maybe we could establish a slightly higher bar of evidence than "He said, she said"?

The Lady doth protest too much, methinks.


  1. I'm holding judgement until I see it pass the smell test.

  2. Yeah. Some corroborating evidence might be nice!

    BTW, Odie, fifteen years ago you touched me in an inappropriate place. I think it was Albuquerque...


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