Sunday, December 11, 2011

Obama: Not a "Rough Rider", Just a Rough Ride

Focus on the first fifteen seconds of this video. (Watch the whole thing if you like. I'll wait!)

We already looked at Obama's "play by their own rules" nonsense here. But consider the words he said just before he got to that:

"They want to go back to the same policies that stacked the deck against middle class Americans for way too many years"

The biggest thing that has "stacked the deck" against any Americans (nice try at class warfare there, Barry!), was the housing bubble, engineered by Carter and Clinton, enforced by ACORN and Janet Reno, and protected against regulation by the likes of Maxine Waters, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. Under the pretext of getting more people into owning their own homes, they made bad loans easy to obtain, which had more dollars chasing basically the same amount of housing, which drove prices up astronomically, eventually robbing the homes, the largest investment for most families, of a large portion of their worth, once the bubble collapsed.

But, consider the vagueness of his words: "policies that stacked the deck...way too many years". Aside from 2008 to 2011, which years is he talking about? His disastrous policies have buried this nation under a mountain of debt. To use his analogy, not only was the "deck stacked" against the middle class, but Barry was bottom dealing aces and face cards to his cronies and supporters. Solyndra didn't get $528 million in government guaranteed loans because they had a viable business plan to sustain jobs, they got it because a lot of the money went straight to Obama campaign contributors. The auto companies didn't go into bankruptcy, where their costly unions contracts would have to be renegotiated (at lower costs), but were bailed out by the taxpayer, who ended up subsidizing the Chevy Volt, coming soon to a burning garage near you!

The TARP money (Toxic Asset Relief Program), which liberals like to point out was signed by Bush, was administrated by a predominantly Democrat Congress, which somehow failed to set sufficient guidelines for this giveaway, so that not only were there no "toxic assets" repurchased, but, much of the money found its way to overseas banks. The next massive debt incursion was the so called "Stimulus" bill, which we were assured would keep unemployment under 8%. What I think they meant was "unemployment under 8% in government unions", because that's where a large portion of that money went.

BTW, Mr. President, if tax cuts for the middle class are a good thing, why not make them permanent? Sometimes, I think you should be called the Temporary President, not just because you're leaving in 2013, but because all the solutions you propose (other than a massive takeover of the healthcare system) are temporary. Have you no guiding principles, Mr. Obama, other than the state controlling health care, that you believe are sound enough to be your legacy to the American people? (Other than opening up a few tee times around the country!) Must everything you leave be renegotiated after you're gone?

Even the crown jewel of your accomplishments, Obamacare, has its temporary characteristics, exempting as many of your supporters from the more odious aspects of it temporarily, until after the 2012 election.

Bush's tax cuts were across the board. The Democrats in Congress at the time, wanted the reductions to be temporary, so the cuts were due to expire last December. (When was the last time you heard a Democrat propose permanent tax cuts? 1963?) When Obama wanted to eliminate what he and many other liberals called a tax "gift to the rich", amnesia would always strike them, and they would forget that Bush cut taxes for everyone. Obama opposed the extension of those cuts, even though he himself had noted that it was bad policy to raise taxes in a recession. And then when Obama signed the temporary (are you beginning to see a pattern here?) extension of those cuts, then it would logically follow that if Bush's cuts were a tax "gift to the rich", then these must, of necessity, become Obama's tax "gift to the rich". (Hold your breath waiting for that to show up in his next campaign ad!)

The "policies" that Obama is talking about worked pretty well with most of middle American ever since JFK, whenever they were implemented. Raising taxes, to have more money to spread to your cronies, and new government bureaucracies to be filled with government patronage jobs may be winning the hearts and minds of everyone in Martha's Vineyard, Mr. President, but middle America has been bamboozled by you once too often.

And absolutely no one is surprised that you are not running on your record for re-election, Mr. Obama. Fear, class warfare and division are all you've got.

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