Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ron Paul- Pandering to Kooks? Or Merely Careless in His Speech?

Right Klik had this, which is possibly the most sickening statement ever to come from a serious presidential candidate's lips:

Glee, Mr. Paul? I have seen video where you would not set 9/11 Truthers straight on their sick conspiratorial fantasies about our country staging the 9/11 attack, but on what basis can you claim that there was "glee" in the Bush administration over something this horrific?

Mr. Paul, many conservatives who strongly disagree with your naive, neo-isolationist foreign policy, at least respected you for your views on and adherence to the Constitution.

Statements like this, sir, will lose you much of that respect.

More at CBS, Memeorandum

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  1. Ron Paul is a Lewnatic. Assclowns like him use the patina of being "anti-war" as a means of disguising their true agenda. They simply hate the US military and despise the very idea of American greatness.

    As I've said for years, he's running in the wrong party.

  2. He does have a loyal cadre of followers though. And he became a Republican because he gets ignored as a Libertarian.

  3. I wish Paul would direct more of his angst toward the Democrats.

  4. BTW, love the glossary.

    C.C.C.P. ...brilliant

  5. You're right. Defeating Obama at all costs should be the first and last item on the candidates' agenda and stump speeches.

    Yeah. The Greenies looked a bit Red.

  6. Angst against the democrats? Goofy old Ron Paul only criticizes republicans and uses vile democrat talking points to do so. He can eat a dck for all I care.

  7. A duck? A l'Orange??? (No need to clarify!)


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